Download An Introduction to Sociology in Ireland –

Bernadette McDonald


Revised and updated edition of this comprehensive introduction to the world of sociology incorporating key contemporary issues, with particular reference to the Irish perspective.

New to this edition:

Reflects all changes in the revised Social Studies module [5N1370]
Provides the most recent statistics related to the area of sociology
Introduces reflective and investigative skills for use on current social issues
Advises on strategies for study and preparation for examinations, as well as note-taking skills and revision methods.

Highlights key sociological theories, concepts and topics, while introducing and examining social stratification in Irish society.

Facilitates an individual’s basic understanding of their position as an individual, a family member and as part of a community and wider society.

Introduces the process and agents of socialisation by analysing family, peer groups, education and media, and their impact.

Examines the role and function of the family within society, in particular within an Irish context, and how the structure of the family has evolved and developed in recent times.

Discusses discrimination and its impact on individuals and society.

Details various survey methods, observation skills and research methodologies, and provides pointers on documenting, referencing, and analysis and presentation of research findings.

Written For:

The revised NFQ Level 5 Social Studies module [5N1370] as part of the following major awards:

Intellectual Disability Practice 5M1761
Applied Social Studies 5M2181
Journalism 5M2464
Community Care 5M2786
Community Development 5M3050
Healthcare Support 5M4339
Nursing Studies 5M4349
Community Health Services 5M4468
Youth Work 5M4732
Early Childhood Care and Education 5M2009

Suitable also for those studying BTEC and HETAC subjects within the fields of Social Science and Healthcare.

Download An Introduction to Sociology in Ireland –

Bernadette McDonald

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Download An Introduction to Sociology in Ireland –

Bernadette McDonald

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