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Welcome to the world of The Grade Cricketer. Described as the most original voice in cricket, The Grade Cricketer represents the fading hopes and dreams of every ageing amateur sportsman.
In this tell-all ‘autobiography’, The Grade Cricketer describes his cricketing career with unflinching honesty and plenty of humour, in turn providing insights into the hyper-masculine cricket ‘dressing room’.
This one-time junior prodigy is now experiencing the lean, increasingly existential years of adult cricket. Here, he learns quickly that one will need more than just runs and wickets to make it in the alpha-dominated grade cricket jungle, where blokes like Nuggsy, Bruiser, Deeks and Robbo reign supreme.
Through it all, The Grade Cricketer lays bare his deepest insecurities – his relationship with Dad, his fleeting romances outside the cricket club – and, in turn, we witness a gentle maturation; a slow realisation that perhaps, just maybe, there is more to life than hitting 50 not out in third grade and enjoying a few celebratory beers afterwards.
Or is there?
The Grade Cricketer book is based upon the popular Twitter account, @gradecricketer, which has received critical acclaim for its frighteningly honest portrayal of amateur cricket.
Now, the time has finally come for this middling amateur sportsman to tell his story in full.

Ed Cowan: Australian Test Cricketer and Fox Sports presenter:
“The beauty of The Grade Cricketer is he is more than a grade cricketer – he is every cricketer, from the park to the SCG. His insights into the game make people laugh mostly because they reflect every cricketer’s unspoken convictions. We all live vicariously through him, as he does us.”

Kerry O’Keeffe: Former Australian Test Cricketer and media personality:
“The Grade Cricketer has taken us so far inside a district club dressing room that you feel like a locker. Ligaments could not be closer to the bone than some of his observations.”

Ryan Fitzgerald: Former AFL player, host of Nova 969 Breakfast and panelist on The Back Page
“Having an arm like a leg and constantly taunted that the batter down the local fish and chip shop was better than me, I found comfort from The Grade Cricketer that your relevance at a Cricket Club was not just on the field. His guidance has changed my life forever, and also my technique on the leg side”.

Richard Hinds: Sports Journalist, News Ltd. Regular Panellist: The Offsiders
”The Grade Cricketer embodies the hopes and dreams of every dedicated, hard working club cricketer – except those that involve actual dedication and hard work.”

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